We help non techies learn
how to use their iPhone.

for JUST $5 per month


Tech is complicated 

if only it was easy to learn

But learning how to use your iPhone comes with long tutorials, geeky language and difficult to understand books.


It's custom made for non techies.
20-30 minutes per month
Spread over multiple bite sized video lessons


3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Sign up for free basics course

Step 2: Start Learning

Our short lessons will make you better at using your iPhone.

Step 3: Stick around

Stick with us and your friends will be asking you for help with their iPhone!  

2,617 times per day

is how many times the average person touches their iPhone.

Either you will get better at using your iPhone or you will continue to be frustrated.

Happy learners

These guys are the BEST...I’ve learned so much about technology from them!
— Jan N
Invaluable information.
— Mary B
They know everything about your technology, but more importantly they know how to teach it to you.
— Vicky J
The classes were extremely helpful!
— Barb S